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Her Majesty Cosmetics
Hey there, Gorgeous! Welcome to Her Majesty Cosmetics – your go-to beauty haven right here in Rwanda. We're your one-stop-shop for makeup, beauty goodies, fragrances, and skincare. Why? Because we believe every woman in Rwanda deserves top-notch quality that won't break the bank. Quality and affordability? We've got you covered!

At Her Majesty, we're all about that perfect mix of fun and class. We're not just a brand; we're a vibe! Always exploring, always innovating, and forever keeping it fresh. Here, you'll find a growing collection of products – from the latest faves to the timeless classics. Your adventure to a more beautiful you starts right here, right now.
Mission & Vision
Our Mission at Her Majesty Cosmetics Cosmetics is to celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of every individual across Africa. We strive to provide high-quality cosmetics, fragrances, and body care products that empower our customers to feel confident, radiant, and proud of their unique identity. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, we aim to be a trusted partner in the daily self-care rituals of our diverse community, while also contributing positively to the growth and development of the African beauty industry.
Our vision at Her Majesty Cosmetics Cosmetics is to be the premier destination for authentic, culturally-inspired beauty solutions in Africa and beyond. We envision a future where every person has access to products that are not only effective and luxurious but also reflect their heritage and values. Through continuous research, collaboration with local artisans, and dedication to ethical practices, we aspire to set new standards of excellence in the cosmetics industry while uplifting communities and promoting self-expression. Together, we are shaping a world where beauty knows no bounds, and where every individual feels empowered to embrace their true selves with confidence and grace.
  • All Natural
    All-natural beauty products sourced from Korea, celebrating Africa's innate beauty. Our aim is to empower confidence through effective, culturally-inspired solutions, while striving to be the premier destination for natural beauty in Africa and beyond.
  • Top Quality
    Top-quality beauty products sourced from Korea, celebrating Africa's inherent beauty. We are committed to providing premium solutions that empower confidence and set new standards for excellence in natural beauty care.
  • Finest Ingredients
    At Her Majesty Cosmetics, we are dedicated to using only the finest, high-quality ingredients, to ensure superior results. Each component is carefully selected to elevate your beauty routine to new heights.